Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, SooKyung Jung took interest in how family and friends shared their emotions through viewing photography. She held onto this feeling and took her interest in the world of photography to The School of Visual arts in NYC. Eager to work in the commercial market, Soo now works mostly in still life and is currently working on a project called "Consumerism," focusing on objects that people use the most. In her process of digitally duplicating and flipping these objects, Soo strives to make viewers realize the absurdity of consumer culture in a humorous way. Soo has since received honorable mention in the International Photo Awards 2016, won the grand prize in still life in the 2015 Photo District News student contest and SVA gallery 2015 in Miami-project. 




  • PDN student contest 2015 - Grand prize in still life

  • IPA 2016 - Honorable mention in still life


  • SVA gallery 2015 in Miami-project 

  • Group exhibition in K&P gallery (2016 Aug 4 – 16)